Simulation Results

Here you can run a brief simulation of a hospital setup, and the results after scoring; These results are completely fictitious data and do not reflect the reality of any institution.

  • Select the list of modules that you want to simulate in the analysis, keep in mind that the basic modules are mandatory, and you can only select the ones you want from the list of specialized modules.
  • Once you have the list of components you want to analyze selected, you just have to click on the simulate button, which will trigger the process of simulating a rating based on this data to finally show you a result.
  • At the time you want, you can start the real work in the application by creating your institution, if you have the necessary role, or by starting to rate the institution assigned and previously configured by the corresponding personnel.

Basic Modules The basic modules are compulsory, you cannot modify their selection.

Specialized Modules The specialized modules are selected according to what your institution needs to assess and are adjusted to the most appropriate configuration for the entity.